Concentration = Meditative feeling

Addictive pleasure


Muscle strength



With My Wave Stations, as when skiing, surfing or snowboarding, the "rider" always has difficulties to find the right words to describe the sensations experiences.

The strength of the wave... the feeling of being propelled by some sort of vehicle... feel the body of water surrounding you... the extreme concentration that immerses you in a meditative state, making you forget everything else... coordinated actions allowing you to create your own designed path through water... the benefits of water particles on your skin... the sensation of defying gravity... the fulness of the present moment... a new way of moving.

Board sports sensations, a unique experience.

To ride on our Stations, you just have to get on the flow with a board to start feeling your first sensations. The pleasure is immediate, and there is no danger ! In a blink of an eye, you are on the wave, enjoying 100%. That is your session, the wave is yours. And the more you progress, the more the pleasure you get from sensations becomes pure and intense.