Choose profitability.

From the start, generate a significant turnover (surf sessions' tickets, food & beverage, events) with low operating costs.

Construct your offer around the Surf Station of My Wave Co. to:

- Attract, entertain, and build customer loyalty : bring to your customers a whole new sensational experience, and consolidate a great success among a young audience. By building on the growing success of board sports, you will easily generate ongoing revenues.

- Stand out : by offering your clients the great fun of the Surf Stations, you will benefit from a strong competitive advantage and strengthen your leading position.


You run a resort and you need to attract, entertain, and make your clients come back. You need to renew your equipments to increase your occupancy rate. My Wave Surf Stations will bring your facilities the fun you need to let your competitors behind.


You run an aquatic center, a sports club or a water sports center, you want to offer a new activity to your users. Offer them new surfing sensations and they will spend more time and money into your venue.

You organise events for big brands, and they want to go viral by offering sensational experience to their targeted audience. The Surf Station will bring you that. Store, install and operate the Surf Station is an easy thing.

You run a city, and your goal is to satisfy as many people as possible. Bring joy to kids and parents with the Surf Station.

Your project is to create a "Wave Bar" and construct your whole business around the surf.